Natalia German: We’re always with the victims, we’re always with the truth

‘ For Anna Maria Velli and her former companion, Aris Makris, who discussed this week strongly, Natalia German was placed with her television company on Saturday afternoon in the air of Alpha. “For our position in recent years you will have realized that we are very clear as a show in all this very substantial movement of metoo, which came and exploded on us and in Greece as a tsunami. I think you know that we have held a firm stand” the well-known presenter pointed out initially. “At this moment, too, to be absolutely correct and honest, especially towards myself, we are always with the victims, we are always with the truth. We are always with any creature, male or female, whatever it is, which has suffered an abuse of verbal, physical, sexual or whatever. This is undeniable and we do not negotiate it.” “There have been cases of people who have wrongly denounced some other people over the last few years, so there is a conversion of the victim to become a perpetrator and the perpetrator to pass in the victim’s position. We don’t really know, in the case of Anna Maria and Mars, what’s true. But also we cannot tell Anna Maria, who in this case has reported that she has suffered abusive behavior, to say ‘ why don’t you say who he is? ‘ He probably has a reason he doesn’t want to reveal a name” Natalia German then stressed on Saturday.