Naoussa: On holiday the newly elected mayor Nikos Koutsoyannis for violation of duty

On an administrative holiday, by decision of the secretary of the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia – Thrace (ADMTH) Giannis Savvas, the newly elected Naoussa Nikos Koutsoyannis was placed. Mr. Koutsoyannis, last December, was convicted by the Three-Member Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki with a 4 months sentence, with a three-year suspension, for violation of duty. The case concerned the rental of a refreshment during his previous mayoral term, in the period 2014-2019. In a written statement, Mr.Koutsogiannis mentions a “emergency decision that catalyses every rule of law concept derived from the darkest times this place has lived.” “In the course of a manifest violation of the legislation in question he invented financial damage from the lease of the town store “Kioski” and the secretary of the Decentralized decided completely wrong in excess of the limits of his jurisdiction, that the mayor of the municipality of Heroic City of Naoussa should be put on holiday. This is an unprecedented coup d’état, which is contrary to a clear popular mandate,” he adds. Mr Koutsogiannis also states that he is not intimidated by any mole, as he points out, by a decision. “Indirectly, I will take every legal action to restore gross injustice, my honor and respect the popular mandate given to my face in the October election. And those responsible for this decision – parody, which they spread before it even reaches my hands will be called to account for justice,” he says. Within the next few days an extraordinary city council will be held where the majority party will propose an deputy mayor to perform mayor’s debts.