Mykonos: Chiknofifth with tourists in a twilight mood breaking dishes

Tourists have learned what it means or sees the first arrivals of the season continue in time to be ideal for visitors… Chiknofifth was celebrated throughout the country and Mykonos could not be an exception. Tourists and tourists asked to know why the suvs and coals had been on fire early on. One of the most famous restaurants in Glass, he managed to magnetize the looks and gather dozens of visitors from noon. With the joy of lighting and the dishes very quickly starting to break. Tsiknofifth and Mykonos with free meats in passing, mood and dish breaking! A well-known restaurant in Glass shared souvlaki with tourists who did not miss the opportunity to immortalize the moments by uploading videos to social media. The custom of Chiknofifth was celebrated under the sounds of traditional island songs while the cheer was such that some began to break dishes! Watch the video of… Chiknofifth is a celebration of the Orthodox tradition in which large quantities of meat are consumed. It takes place on Thursday, the second week of Halloween, the so-called Creatinian. It is preceded by the first week in order, the Prophony, followed by the third week of Tyreater. It takes place some days before the beginning of the great Lent fast.