My Style Rocks: The great confession of Nikolina Nikoluzou – “I was born in the wrong body”

In a shocking revelation she went on to the last episode of “Nikolina Nikoluzu. Nikolina, at the age of 11, realized that she did not belong to the body she was born to! A journey past, contestants made on the episode of “My Style Rocks” on Monday (11.03.2024. Players were invited to revive an important moment of their lives since childhood. Some confessions were even redeeming, such as that of Nikolina Nikoluzou, and he pinned down those who heard it. Nikolina, when she was 11 years old, realized she didn’t belong to the body she was born in. With the support of her family, but also with the help of a team of medical experts, she started the process of trafficking. As he described: “I want to share a story from my life, which begins when I was 11 years old. I Nikolina wasn’t always the person you see in front of you. I’m a girl born in the wrong body. So I’m a transgender woman. This journey began when I was 11 years old, when I shared these feelings with my parents and with their support and assistance, but also with the help of experts I understood myself and at 12 I started hormone therapy and the journey of my gender transition.” See this post on Instagram. The player then referred to the reason for making her move on to this revelation, saying that she would like to inspire other people who struggle with their identity claiming their dreams and fighting for their place in this world. Nikolina entered the game in order to pass her own message as a LGBTKI+ community person at a time of great social change in Greece and “My style Rocks” is the platform to pass her message. Today, she is happy and proud of her journey. As she mentions features, nothing could have happened without her parents’ support. “I feel I have won the lottery with the family I have”. Speaking of the battles the young player has fought, she made everyone on the set cry! Who is Nikolina Nikoluzou She is 20 years old, studies fashion and came to “My Style Rocks” to prove that nothing can stand in the way of life! He grew up in a family he loved and loved fashion. Her grandmother was a seamstress and remembers little running on her fabric and trying to sew while organizing fashion shows with her dolls! She calls herself a “tension girl” so she wouldn’t say she has a certain style as it is influenced by the fashion of the time. A title that thinks it suits her is… “edgy coquette” since there are times when she wants to be eccentric and others that suits her something more minimal. She describes herself as… “bubbly”, a person who brings joy to those around him, with a lot of humor. She declares shopaholic and is determined to stand out and pass a very strong personal message.