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Music For Your Hears

Video Postcard from Greece
Greece music
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Music For Your Hears

Music For Your Hears

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Home Page > Advertising > Multimedia > Music For Your Hears

Music For Your Hears

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Posted: Apr 10, 2009 |Comments: 0
| Views: 275



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Music For Your Hears

By: Urban music

About the Author

Dont Stop The Music….. this page is all about music and anything else related with multimedia, i dont sing or RAP or play any instrument im here to help others with links, audio, artist info, music and so on. PLease show the Brother some love and keep me updated with some new music out there i can even post your audio if i have the chance you maybe the lucky one 😉 I LOVE all kinds of music you named. hear goes my Spanish merengue, Bachata, salsa, musica Urbana, musica de los 80′ y 90′.

Una Pregunta para todos: Por que se retiro de la musica Hector “EL father”? uno de los mejores cantantes de la musica urban No Me eh podido esplicar porque. me jente mantenga me informado con cual quiere chisme lol, mas information con musica…..…..

Beyoncé ha anunciado las fechas de su próxima gira europea, enmarcada
dentro de su gira mundial, “I Am…” World Tour. Esta gira comenzará el 26 de abril de 2009 en Zagreb y finalizará el 31 de mayo en Belfast. En España, podremos ver a Beyoncé en el Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid el martes 19 de mayo y en el Palau Sant Jordi de Barcelona el miércoles día 20. Las entradas se podrán adquirir a partir de las 10 horas del próximo martes, 16 de diciembre, a través de los puntos de venta habituales de la red Tick Tack Ticket, en el 902 15 00 25 y por Internet en

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Article Source: For Your Hears


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musica. It is ultimately derived from mousa, the Greek word for muse. In ancient Greece, the word mousike was used to mean any of the arts or sciences governed by the Muses. Later, in Rome, ars musica embraced poetry as well as instrument-oriented music. In the European Middle Ages, musica was part of the mathematical quadrivium: arithmetics, geometry, astronomy and musica. The concept of musica was split into three major kinds by the fifth century philosopher, Boethius: musica universalis, musica humana, and musica instrumentalis. Of those, only the last? />Musica universalis or musica mundana referred to the order of the universe, as God had $Dollar$ Counts” title=”Thank For The Support” />


The word music comes from the Greek mousikê (tekhnê) by way of the Latin created it in “measure, number and weight”. The proportions of the spheres of the planets and stars (which at the time were still thought to revolve around the earth) were perceived as a form of music, without necessarily implying that any sound would be heard—music refers strictly to the mathematical proportions. From this concept later resulted the romantic idea of a music of the spheres. Musica humana, designated the proportions of the human body. These were thought to reflect the proportions of the Heavens and as such, to be an expression of God’s greatness. To Medieval thinking, all things were connected with each other—a mode of thought that finds its traces today in the occult sciences or esoteric thought—ranging from astrology to believing certain minerals have certain

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