Murder in Mesolonghi: “Messages from odd numbers” denounces mother, new video documents

It is still unknown to the authorities that the motive for Babis Koutsikos, which occurred on January 4, 2024 in . The mother of the unfortunate Babi who was murdered in Mesolonghi, denounces messages from strange numbers on the murdered’s cell phone and also to his friends, the fatal night of the murder. The holders of these numbers have not been identified while as Babi’s mother says speaking on the TV show if someone calls them “no one comes out”. Babi Koutsikou’s mother says in her statements to Tlive that: “If anyone knows anything, it’s not too late to go to Justice. They sent the day of my son’s murder a message to the rest of the group. If you call them, nothing comes out. Some weird phone numbers that should be searched to see who they belong to. 21 March left for Athens, the coroner told us when the results will come out we don’t even know.” At the same time he states that he wants to ask a question to the man who has been imprisoned for the murder of Babi Koutsikou. “I want to ask him why he did it,” he pointed out. He also said that “from all the hunting company I have met with only one man by chance. The rest have been lost.” New video documents from the fatal night The Tlive show brings to the video new video documents from the night of Babi Koutsiku’s murder in Mesolonghi. In the first video it appears that at 23.01 the butcher moves from his house to the garbage bin in front of the hospital. He even goes by car despite the fact that the distance is few meters. Earlier he had moved on to the purchase of kitchen paper from the mini-market but also the ride to the sea, where he allegedly got rid of his cell phone. In the second video the butcher returns to his home from the walk to the sea and from 21:39 he has been serving in cleanliness of his house. In the third document, at 20:49, the last frame of the car is recorded before the murder, with the camera from a PV park in the heart of the plain recording the butcher’s jeep. In the next video document, the butcher’s car returns and stops at the park for a few minutes.

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