Municipality of Patras for PPC: do Not cut the power to the citizens for the mistakes!

    The deputy Mayor of Finance, Revenue and Local Economy of the… Municipality of Patras Panagiotis Melas, with a current of paper to Michael, Lily Director, industry sales of Peloponnese – Epirus PPC, asking not to be interrupted no power supply, since the temporary accounts issued by the PPC, include municipal charges, which with its own fault were not included in previous accounts, with the result that citizens are not able to be consistent in repayment.

    The letter is as follows:
    Mr D/closer
    It is to our knowledge the issuance of an extraordinary account of the PPC, which includes municipal charges, which with your own the fault had not become the similar charges.
    We had requested (in writing) the outstanding amounts to be made in installments, to allow the world to meet the repayment of debts. In practice, this request did not accepted. This has as a result, many of our fellow citizens who are in a difficult financial situation to not be able to pay with the current account and the extraordinary and quite rightly complain. It is well known the difficult economic situation experienced by our people, that is why we ensure that all the necessary facilities, for the repayment of the accounts. In any case, the payment or non-may be connected to the power supply, which must not be interrupted in any case and in any household.