Multiple sclerosis and Treatments

    Written by Claus ΤσούγκαρηςΈγραψα many times articles about “New Therapies” for multiple Sclerosis, which at times explode like fireworks filling out False Hopes to both the patients and their relatives.
    “Treatments”, NOT cures, because this is just for new ACTIONS, perhaps more sophisticated, if not the SAME with the other circulating.
    Multiple Sclerosis is (I repeat) one of the most insidious diseases of our time, from the most UNFORSEEN by the general confession of the scientists.
    Some people, for unknown reason, occasionally throwing in the “publicity” the “news” for NEW LN, NEW THERAPIES, etc, a bunch of titles false, upsetting their patients who they hope TO BE all RIGHT.
    Of course, in the end are disappointed when it turns out that it WAS ALL ANOTHER FALSE ADVERTISING..
    It is a fact, that patients with multiple Sclerosis (and many others with different chronic diseases) are FREE guinea pigs of the pharmaceutical companies, since it is the “testers” of ALL the … “treatments”, the ACTION moving.
    Last, among other “treatments” that were, was heard, and the “VACCINE FOR MULTIPLE IN PLAKA”.
    There was a noise, in the various forum patients ask if some know something more, it turned out essentially the noise, and all of a sudden, a few days ago, ran the following story, to put things in their place…
    Read Συνέλληνες the news.
    “The University of Patras, greece denies that a vaccine for multiple Sclerosis
    Particularly annoyed with the articles the professor of Chemistry John Matsoukas, who heads the relevant research since 1994
    Particularly annoyed about reports on the internet the past few days, which stated that a vaccine for multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a matter of time, appears in an interview with the professor of Chemistry, University of Patras Ioannis Matsoukas, who assures me that this is not the case, pointing out that to get a drug from the lab to the market, they have a lot of years.
    The professor of Chemistry, as is well known, along with his research team, conducted since 1994, research at the University of Patras, and in the last years in the Scientific Park of Patras for the product development for MS, shows that at this time they have successfully completed the preclinical studies in experimental animals.
    As mentioned, within the year 2017 is on track to begin clinical trials in Australia, which expresses the optimism, however, wants to keep a low profile, not to raise false hopes in the world that is diseased and he is anxious to have such good news.
    “Let’s not forget that a lot of drugs in the process of completion of the clinical trial, withdrawn. I am confident that it will go very well”, stresses mr. Matsoukas.
    The prestigious researcher explains in detail why at this stage, the word drug or vaccine is stated incorrectly, as it also describes in simple words the mechanism of action of the substance, which is currently being investigated and semantic scientists have named Ελμυελίνη, from Greece and Myelin.
    John Matsoukas is also a professor at the University of Calgary, Canada and at Victoria University in Melbourne. He was for 16 years head and director of the ma postgraduate programme of studies entitled: medicinal Chemistry Design and Development of Pharmaceutical Products, at the University of Patras.”
    Source: ana – MPA
    As you have seen Συνέλληνες, the RESEARCH is in progress, “save time and money” reference on the drug, vaccine, BUT…
    Those who took the communication, once again ΠΑΡΑΠΛΗΡΟΦΟΡΗΣΑΝ the world, given without the necessary knowledge and information ΨΕΥΤΙΚΕΣ need this and like the fireworks, were lost, as were lost and the hundreds of “new treatments” that occasionally made their appearance.
    UNFORTUNATELY, many people who play with human pain, thinking that it would make the “Big Issue”.
    At some point, THEY have to ΒΟΥΛΩΣΟΥΝ, why don’T we PLAY WITH THE ΑΡΡΩΣΤΙΕΣ.
    Along with them will be lost, and the various ΤΣΑΡΛΑΤΑΝΟΙ that sell the “miracle formulations” (we’ll talk about them) θησαυρίζοντας at the expense of patients.
    I will come back.