Motor Oil: On an educational visit to the Holy Theodora Refinery, the “Ready for Work @ Engineering” Program was launched

The Participation Statement Cycle is completed and “Ready for Work @ Engineering” begins. The reason for a Program of Their Employment , which – on the occasion of World Women’s Day – is implemented under the “Lead The Way Forward”, by the Group and the Women On Top Organization. With this program, Motor Oil Group actively supports women, giving them the opportunity to further develop their professional knowledge and skills, having a look into the future and investing in their equal personal and professional advancement. Specifically, 121 women from all over Greece stated their desire to participate in the Education Program, while 16 women from Athens and 22 women from the Region were selected. Thus graduates from more than 10 Faculty of Engineering, coming from 17 cities in Greece, will participate for free from April in a series of 10 online practices and interactive workshops of professional development. They will then be linked to women who have professional experience in the field of energy, such as renewable energy, circular economy and alternative fuels and will carry out a three-month mentoring partnership with them. More than 30 Women from Energy are now Ready for Work @ Engineering!, after starting this exciting journey from the Motor Oil Group Refinery to Saints Theodoros Corinth. An unforgettable experience framed by detailed information from executives of both the Group’s human resources and the Refinery, giving participants the opportunity to come into contact with the field and to get to know each other. Motor Oil Group stands next to every working woman, adopting initiatives and actions that ensure equal opportunities for evolution regardless of gender and equal opportunities for personal and professional development for all. Women leading developments, women strong, women with achievements, concludes the communication.