Mother in Thessaloniki, donated kidney to her child

Life to her son gave back, a few hours after the Women’s World Day, Stavroula Noka from her donating it to him. “I gave my son a gift to give him one of my kidneys to have a better and quality life,” Stavroula Nika told ERT from Thessaloniki where he lives. After successfully transplanting Stavros Noka prepares to get discharged, feeling justified for her decision to give the kidney to her son. “I was not afraid because I did it from the heart. I was not afraid at all,” he adds. Under medical supervision he remains the 35-year-old recipient, who had undergone a kidney transplant years ago. “Thanks, Mom, for the gift you gave me. You gave me life again. I expect to get up and come home and hug you,” the recipient points out. For a week now, two surgical nurses and an anesthesiologist have moved every Tuesday and for 13 weeks to the “Happocrates Hospital” from AHEPA in order to cover the major staff shortages and speed up kidney transplantation. Of the two kidney transplants made every month in Hippocrates, the next three months will become a total of six, with dozens of patients surviving and changing lives. Despite serious deficiencies, faced by the hospital in the specialty of anesthesiologists, in 2022 12 transplants were performed by living donors and 18 in 2023.