Mitsotakis in Famello: “Good riddance with your problems – We were moved by the pirouettes told you to Androulakis

Full attack on Syriza as well as PASOK on the occasion of what the head of the main opposition Mr.O. Socrates Famelos said in his speech and then Nikos Androulakis launched in his sophology Kyriakos Mitsotakis. “Well done with your problems, Kyriakos Mitsotakis told Socrates Famelos”, referring to what has emerged with Stefanos Kasselakis’s pothes. “For the personal characterizations against me reproduced by Syriza Mr. Famele your own problems for your leader’s background you will not hide them behind personal attacks, they have been searching many times for my posterior powers, well done for your problems. Because you spoke again about the issues of the rule of law and the authoritarian person presented by the government I cannot help but respond by recalling two statements about the doings of your own days: at the Maximus Mansion a paracentre of justice was set up said by the Minister of Justice for your days, Mr. Kouloglou said it was a political decision to enter the chair of Pikremos etc. I have to come back to these issues to refresh your memory of your works and your days since you are cut off for the issues of the rule of law,” the Prime Minister stressed. We have been dizzy by your pirouettes Kyriakos Mitsotakis also referred to what the President of PASOK said, Nikos Androulakis in his position in the House and especially what he denounced about serving interests. “All this argument about the service of interests by this government, Mr. Androuliakis adopted in an angry manner. What are you talking about? That some people knew a conspiracy scenario, had internal information that the government would legislate on something that’s in its campaign program? Who did we surprise? Because you also mentioned the Diamantopoulou Act, it was indeed an important section in the matters of higher education, it corrected weaknesses of Andreas Papandreou’s law. Mrs Diamantopoulou supports this law. You also said media distorts your positions. What is your position from 4?And I have them here: a) We will not stand in the way of establishing non-state universities as long as it is not the bill at the expense of public (b) today we propose the Nordic model, to me looks like a Nordic crossword, Finland has made a major reform and offers 30% of university graduates the rest in technical education (c) the law on non-states we will not vote on it because we want a clean solution and not commercialization (d) we agree with the establishment of non-state universities with the revision of Article 16. We are all dizzy we cannot follow you from your pirouettes and ovidic transformations. By being so angry you pass a message that your arguments are not solid.” The Prime Minister also referred to Ukraine for a late conviction of SYRIZA. “Mr. Androuliakis has not said a word about this, nor has your president,” he said. And go on: “You demand Ukraine to defend itself with carnations and roses. In this war there is an attacker and a defender. Universal support for Ukraine from Europe and Greece and we are proud of this position. It’s nice to say we’re with peace and we’re engaged in love, but that’s where rockets fall. Europe’s decision to support Ukraine and with defence material, in which everyone participates. In our foreign policy we do not want to be an exception. Yes, we stand by the Ukrainian people, as we stand by the Greeks of Ukraine. It is not an indifferent country for which Hellenism has no historical imprint. That’s why I chose to go to Odessa because it’s the cradle of black sea Hellenism. The incident was discussed and indeed important. I was for 7 hours but people in Odessa live every day and we have to enable them to arm themselves and I am proud to support them in this.” See the Prime Minister’s sophomore

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