Ministry of Transport: Alarm and emergency meeting after breaking a red signal in the Suburban

Alarm has meant in , after the new thriller this time in , with an incident of breaking a red signal last Saturday afternoon (09.03.24). Extraordinary meeting is expected to take place today, Monday (11.03. 24) in the Ministry of Transport, in the ‘shadow’ of the breach of a red signal in the Suburban, while the damage is increasing, while omissions that previously led to heavy penalties, even driver dismissals, are now simply recorded. As an exclusive report of “New”, the red signal violations by Hellenic Train trains, as well as the incidents of immobilization and long delays of Italian trains, due to frequent technical problems, have taken the form of a dangerous avalanche. According to “News”, it is typical that a new red signal breach was recorded last Saturday afternoon from the train 2235 running the Airport – Upper Liosia route, signaling alarm to the Ministry of Transport, OSE and Hellenic Train. “The security culture that formerly existed on the railway has begun to decline dangerously,” they find experienced officials, thus stressing, “the incidents involving violations of safe traffic and faithful compliance with the respective rules are increasing”.

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