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Ministry of Health: “The vaccination plan is progressing normally” – What SYRIZA supports

Vaccination against corovirus is becoming a field of confrontation between the government and SYRIZA.
“The year has changed, SYRIZA has not. Even on the crucial issue of health vaccination, SYRIZA has today discovered a new field of micro-partisan opposition,” says a statement from the health ministry. It is underlined that “the vaccination plan is progressing normally, without any interruption, in 9 hospitals in the country. Mass vaccination of health care begins on 4/1 and will develop into three phases by 20 January. On Monday, 42 additional S.H.I.E.L.D. hospitals across the country entered the battle. This number will gradually increase. There is no question of postponing or aborting vaccinations.” Scheduled vaccinations are postponed’
“Pliatsiko and incompetence”, with regard to the government’s planning of vaccinations, complained earlier by SYRZA provoking the reaction of the Ministry of Health.  In his statement it states: “Loot and incompetence. This is the only way to describe the government’s design for the vaccine. After first seeing photos of government officials who made the vaccine in the health care position, today, from all over the country, new complaints are coming. Scheduled health vaccinations are postponed without any explanation. Incompetent administrations and a dangerous government that cannot cope with the basics. We call on the ministry to respond immediately to the reason for the cancellations.”

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