Miltos Tentoglou: “This is not done, a curse I made twice 8.65 meters”

In his statements after winning the gold medal in Rome, but also the top performance of his career, he stressed that it was a curse not to be able to break the national record. Miltos Tentoglou was outstanding in his final length for the European track championship, with the Greek champion doing everything and reaching the nationwide record. He himself in his statements after the end of the race said it was a curse for him to perform two performances at 8.65 meters and not shoot down the nationwide record, with him pointing out that his goal is now the Olympic Games. Tentoglou’s words “Rishpect. To apologize, I suck, I’m tired. It was a nice fight. I tried to make a national record, I did two times 8.65 meters, a curse, that’s not possible! It helped the climate here and the corridor was in good condition. I’m better at hard stages with this surface. It’s a fantastic tartan. I did a good fight for sure, and my opponents too. And the Italian Furlani was terrible. For fun, it’s the best final ever. I said from the semi-finals that we are all “animals” here in the final and the Czech who is 8 meters and Portuguese is good. That was a fantastic 12-pack. 8.86 is too far, but I got a little closer. The point is if you want to make 8.80 to go 8.90. I’ll have to go 9 meters to make it. I’ve improved my signal and I’m glad. I enjoyed it more than all the games for performance, of course. I’m happy for what I’ve done! A bigger goal of all is the Olympic Games and I believe in a better match because it will be fantastic and I know I will be fine.”

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