Miltos Tentoglou: The record jumps that gave him the gold medal in the European track

He with two impressive jumps at 8.65 meters, won the gold medal at the length of Rome, with him marking the top performance of his career. Miltos Tentoglou was unbeatable in Rome’s European track championship, with the Greek champion making two improbable jumps at 8.65 meters, a performance that was the top in the career of 26-year-old athlete. Tentoglou thus passed 8.60 which was his previously best jump and showed that the record Louis Chatumas has with 8.66 since 2007 is a matter of time to change the holder. Tentoglou seeing that he has set a career record, knew that winning and gold would be his case, with him however wanting to improve his performance and the truth is he got quite close. In his last attempt the Pomaskey athlete made another jump at 8,65m, with him not believing that in the same match he scored the same performance and failed to break the nationwide record, in an unprecedented match for him. And Tintoglou can always be strict about himself and his performance, but with such extraordinary leaps, he can only not be happy.