Miltos Tentoglou: The golden child of the Greek track

He won the gold medal in Rome’s European track championship in the long jump, with the Greek champion showing once again the reason he is considered the leading athlete we have in our country. Miltos Tentoglou’s name is synonymous with the word gold medal, as the 26-year-old athlete has won 13 medals in his career, of which 12 are gold (including one in the Olympics). He may be young at age however he certainly is one of the top jumpers of all time and it is quite likely that when he retires he also holds the nationwide record (now owned by Louis Chatuma with 8,66m) in the long jump. In the recent tournament of Rome he himself “broken” his personal record which was 8.60m, with him reaching (twice even) at 8,65m. Tentoglou’s story is what we call dreamy, with himself despite the readability and love he feeds from the world, remaining a grounded athlete with a diamond character. The first steps Few are those who know that Tentoglou at an early age had a hobby of parcourt, which seems to have helped him in his later career. At the age of 15 he will start the track, at the urging of Vangelis Papanikos, who had noticed him do parkour and was his first coach. This was the trigger for Tentoglou to deal with the sport, with him working with distinguished jump coach George Pomaski, who to this day is next to the Greek champion. He from an early age showed that he will have a bright future, with his youth successes being enough. So gradually, with his “steel” will and great talent, Tentoglou will win his first gold medal in a major event, which will also be the first for our country. The Olympic Games Despite his successes in Greece and abroad, Tedoglou’s readability was launched at the 2020 Olympics, when Tokyo won the gold medal, jumping to 8.41m, with him showing that his presence and performance in the previous period was not just by accident. This is because Tentoglou has now managed to get into Greek everyday life for good, with the simple world showing interest in the not so popular sport of long jump. Gold at the Olympic Games always gives athletes other prestige, let alone for a country like Greece, which does not have such a great tradition in gold conquests. The distinctions Beyond an Olympic champion of length and a world champion of open and closed track, Miltos Tentoglou has won all the major European finals in which he has competed, with him becoming the first athlete in the history of the European Closed Track Championships with three gold medals in length. In detail the medals he has won: Olympic Games: 1 (1 gold) World open track: 2 (1 gold, 1 silver) World closed: 3 (3 gold) European open track: 3 (3 gold) European Closed Track: 3 (3 Gold) Diamond League: 1 (1 Gold) Life outside stages Beyond the sports track, Tentoglou has a huge weakness for animes. For those who do not know anime are Japanese cartoons, which stand out for their special aesthetics and have millions of fans around the world. One of them is Mitlos Tentoglou, who has imitated characters of anime before and after some of his games. He has also said that he has special love in video games, but with him not affected by the above. It is worth noting that Tentoglou deals at an amateur level and with music, as he knows how to play bouzouki, guitar, and has also taken piano lessons. See this post on Instagram. However, what Tentoglou has accomplished, beyond endless distinctions and medals, is to have the common acceptance of the fan world, which in the face of the 26-year-old athlete sees a humble and kind child, who enjoys what he does and shows the bright example for everyone. The records and conquests of gold surely count, but for him the most important thing is to enjoy what he does, to have a good time himself and to give joy to the world in the difficult times he experiences.