Miltos Tentoglou reached 13 medals in his career in major events

He held the top match of his career in the final of Rome’s European track, with the Greek champion winning the gold medal in length and at the same time reaching 13 in major events. Miltos Tentoglou, the kid “golden” of the Greek track, won the gold medal in the European athletics championship in Rome, with the 26-year-old athlete even making the best two career jumps while reaching the 13 medals. In particular Tentoglou shot down his record at 8,60 m, with him having two performances at 8,65m reaching a historical record for him. In fact, Pomaski’s athlete expanded his undefeated streak to major events since 2019, while winning gold for the third consecutive time in a European open track. Tedoglou’s medals at men’s level Olympics: 1 (1 gold) World open track: 2 (1 gold, 1 silver) World closed: 3 (3 gold) European open track: 3 (3 gold) European Closed Track: 3 (3 Gold) Diamond League: 1 (1 Gold)