Miltos Tentoglou European champion in length with racing record

He with an excellent jump at 8,65 metres made a personal record and won the gold medal in Rome. Unbeatable Miltos Tentoglou wrote history in Rome, with 2 unimaginable jumps at 8.65 meters. He took a walk conquering gold in his final length in the European, breaking up competition. The Greek champion, made a historical record of matches, breaking his personal record at 8,60m, while touching the nationwide at 8,66m (Louis Chatumas). Tentoglou revealed his moods with… good evening, as in his first jump he “landed” at 8,42m., marking the world’s top annual performance. The Greek jumper was invalid in his second attempt, while in the third he jumped far behind the valve improving his own best evening performance in the world by seven cm (8.49!). In his fourth jump, Tentoglou scored 8.45m, while in the fifth he broke all… records with 8,65m! This performance was even one centimeter behind the Panhellenic record, held by Louis Chatumas (8.66m. since 2007). In the sixth and final jump he tried to break this too, but he jumped again at 8,65m. Now George Pomaskey’s athlete, who had a better performance at 8.36 meters, focuses on the great summer sports appointment, which is none other than the Paris Olympics. Miltos Tentoglou is a 2018 European champion, 2022 and 2024 on the open track. Second finished Mathia Furlani (Italy) with 8.38m that is a world teen record and third Simon Ehamer (Switzerland) with 8.31m.

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