Milos Tentoglou made the world’s top four performances in the European final in Rome

He managed to mark the world’s top four performances for this season in the long jump, with the Greek champion breaking his personal record. Mitlos Tentoglou not only won the gold medal in Rome’s European, he shot down his personal record, with him even marking all the top four performances recorded this year’s season in the world, regarding the long jump matches. And this is because in Tedoglou’s six jumps, the five that were valid, passed Simon Ehamer’s… humble 8,41, with the Greek athlete now having the world’s top performance just before the Olympics. This is because 8.65 (twice), 8.49, 8.45 and 8.42 the Pomaskey athlete showed why he is considered by many as one of the best long jumpers in history. Miltos Tentoglou 8.65m (twice) 8,49m 8,45m 8,42m