Mexico: Fourth Murder of a Candidate Mayor – “Screwed” With 38 Years’ Bullets · Global Voices

Gisela Gaitan, a candidate for the mayorship of a city in Guanajuato, in central , on Monday (01.04.2024), as the wave of violence against candidates increases as the June 2 election approaches. Gisela Gaitan succumbed to her injuries after her murderous attack on the San Miguel Octopán community of Selaya in Mexico. Three other people were injured by the fire. “They just murdered our candidate (…) It’s something that makes us angry, shocks us, plunges us into mourning. We will stop our campaign action,” said Alma Alkaras, the candidate governor of Guanajuato State, speaking at a gathering of supporters of her party, Morena. Gaitan was nominated for the municipality of Selaya with Morena, Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s party. According to local media he was 38 years old and was murdered while preparing to participate in an election rally. Guanajuato governor, Diego Shinue, the conservative PAN party, assured that her murder “will not go unpunished”. Este fue el momento en que Gisela Gaytán, candidata por Morena a la alcaldía de Celaya, fue assinada en San Miguel Octopan — Joaquín López-Dóriga (@lopezdoriga) In the June 2 election Mexicans are invited to elect their new president, congressmen and congressmen as well as nearly 20,000 mayors and local councillors. Gaitan’s murder comes to be added to a series of attacks on candidates or elected officials, in March. On Saturday night to Sunday, Guillermo Torres, the mayor of a community in Michoacan State, was assassinated by drug cartel violence. In the previous days two prospective mayors had been killed in the States of Puebla and Guerrero. From June 4, 2023 to March 26, 2024, a total of 50 people were killed in “election violence epicenters”, according to a report by the Laboratorio Electoral think tank.

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