Metro: Line 3 station closes for two days

The “Maniatika” weekend will be closed, as work is expected to begin to install new equipment for an electronic ticket. According to the OASA briefing, the temporary termination of the Metro station begins as part of the gradual implementation of the project for the installation of new entry/exit portals, AMEK( Automatic Card and Ticket Publishing Machines) and Management Centers and concerns six stations of the extension of line 3 “Agia Varvara”, “Korydallos”, “Nikaia”, “Maniatika”, “Piraea”, “Municipal Theatre”. The new portals and AMEKs that will be placed and put into service in the coming months are part of the general framework of OASA actions implemented to improve the quality of the services provided. As of Monday 11/3 that the “Maniatika” station will operate again normally, passengers will use the equipment that already existed (certified and automatic selling machines), installed in new locations. The closing dates of the remaining 5 stations of the Metro, based on the specified schedule of work, will be notified by a newer announcement, according to OASA. How will passengers be served For the service of the passenger public due to the shutdown of the “Maniatika” station, OASA proceeded to amendments to the passing bus line 909 Agio Vasilis-Agia Sofia-Nikaia station in both directions and to transfer passengers to the area. At the same time, from Manitika Station, passengers will be able to be served in both directions by existing lines 814 PROJECT-KARAVAS-PIRIA, 825 NEAPOLI-SEAN ANTONIOS-PIREAIA B as well as bus line 824 NEAPOLI-SEAN ANTONIOS-PIRIA A heading for Piraeus. In addition, provision has been made for extending the bus line 909: Line 909 Saturday 9/3 Last route starting at 01:05 Last route from finish at 01:40 Line 909 Sunday 10/3 Last route starting at 24:00 Last route from finish at 00:35

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