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    (Title)  The supreme commander of NATO (SACEUR) Admiral James Stavridis, during his visit to Athens last week, gave a short lead time for Athens and Ankara by the current negotiations to solve a major issue for the new structure of the Alliance. That plane ypostratigeio Larissa (7 CAOC) and especially for staffing and linking Greek and Turkish Aegean radar in order to obtain Larissa air policing functions for Greece and Turkey, with simultaneous elimination of the Turkish ypostratigeiou of Eskisehir (6 CAOC). Otherwise, according to the information available, Admiral Stavridis looks set to cut himself the “Gordian knot” in two ways:
    Whether to abolish both these ypostratigeia (so that Greece can not exist at NATO) or the situation will remain unchanged and the control of air policing in the Aegean to the exercise NATO HQ Izmir (a U.S. commander and permanent Turkish chief of staff) through the CAOC 6 and 7, with devastating consequences for many and Greece.
    In fact, the attitude of the SACEUR, the balance tilted clearly in favor of Turkey. The pressure in this whole deal falls over the operation of ypostratigeiou of Larissa, which involves the control of the Aegean, and not on Turkey since Athens was no longer able to block all new structure of NATO, because the airline headquarters Smyrna can not go back to Italy and in the elimination ypostratigeio EskiÅŸehir continues to operate normally.

    The Defence and Foreign Ministers of the Simitis government (Papantoniou and G. Papandreou) agreed completely in 2003 the new structure of NATO, which provided:
    1Ti transfer of air headquarters southern wing of NATO in Izmir, a U.S. commander and permanent Turkish chief of staff with operational responsibilities for the entire southern wing of NATO, and therefore Greece and the Aegean.
    Turkey sought to make the transfer of the headquarters in record time (2005) because he wanted by the Turkish chief of staff to build illegally acquired against Greece, but also to raise the profile of Turkey.

    2Tin repealing ypostratigeiou of Eskisehir by 2006 and maintain and upgrade ypostratigeiou of Larissa, which had control over and responsibility for the whole of Greece and Turkey, because in the meantime been abolished in the 6 CAOC EskiÅŸehir.
    But in 2003 repeated the same permanent “error” is repeated from 1992 until today, when it comes to defining areas of responsibility between Greece and Turkey in NATO: the then government Simitis left “off the bill” the key issues concerning the headquarters of Larissa: the staffing of Headquarters and setting area of responsibility based on the interconnection of the Greek and Turkish Aegean radar. In this way, critical issues for the operation and upgrade ypostratigeiou Larissa left “for later” and, worse, turned into a hopeless and endless new bilateral negotiations within the framework of NATO.

    Turkey has therefore secured the transfer in Naples headquarters in Izmir (2005) and via the control of the Aegean.
    Meanwhile, a decision by the then SACEUR, in August 2006 NATO prevent Greek planes for NATO purposes approaching closer than 6 miles the Greek islands of Limnos, Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Ikaria, Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Halki, Astypalea, Kassos, Tilos, Nisyros, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi Symi, Kastelorizo and Samothrace. That is, the fate and security of these islands depends on the Turkish aircraft, because when the Greek approach closer than 6 miles from the coast back by Turkish, on the grounds that “violate the prohibition of NATO».

    Following an appalling trend, which esternizetai the SACEUR, Ankara in 2007 agreed to begin negotiations with Greece on issues ypostratigeiou Larissa.
    In manning the headquarters, Turkey requires the appointment of a Turkish governor every two years and in linking the automotive, Turkey Turkish demands radar to see .. . Preveza and oversee part of the Aegean.

    This effect was blocked by the new structure of NATO only to upgrade ypostratigeiou Larissa and not remove the Turkish ypostratigeio of Eskisehir.
    A “compromise” proposal of NATO in 2009 to link the areas of Greek and Turkish Aegean radar rejected by Athens with the responsibility of the Air Force, possibly from lack of flexibility, which will accept jobs without compromising national interests.
    As the matter remains unresolved, the headquarters of Izmir on the Turkish chief of staff permanent ‘control’ and ‘defend’ Greece and the Aegean Sea for the purpose of NATO Turkish and Greek aircraft in case the ypostratigeio Larissa pretending the viewer Aegean and the defender’s half of Albania, Bulgaria and Romania. This is because since 2008, Larissa will be responsible for the security of these countries, but no reason for Greece and the Aegean.
    The development is extremely bad for Greece could lead to new adventures and demotions if applied The document Governor Izmir on 7 April 2010. According to this, can the Turkish aircraft, depending on the requirements and under the control of the Turkish chief of staff (RAOC) to fly all the islands to ensure the security and defense, and over the continental cities Greece (eg from Alexandroupolis and Larissa to Corinth, Tripolis and Amaliada etc.) to protect them from air, from any threats. While at the same time, the Greek fighter can fly to Tirana, Sofia, Bucharest and Varna, but not in the Aegean.
    This situation is clearly one of the heavy attacks on government and Foreign and Defence Ministers and for the Greek people as a whole.


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