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(Title) With the advantage of significantly speeding up the process and with individual complaints, this year implemented a new system of transfers to universities and TEI.

In particular, as said the ‘K’ by Special Secretary Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Vassilis Papazoglou, stakeholders and students should submit the request for transfer within the first ten days of October, ie immediately after the registration deadline of admissions the university. The application must be submitted electronically to the Ministry of Education and will follow the first review of applications for the services of the Ministry of Education. Until October 15 the parties will be informed of the outcome of their application and who meet the formal requirements for transfer will be entered directly into the host Department. Then will follow a review of supporting the services of university where the student is transferring to, and while the ministry will make random checks on supporting students. In the case of incorrect or forged documents that transfer should be revoked, and if demonstrated fault, the student will be removed from the section in which first introduced.

The new transfer system has significant changes which dictated by the need to facilitate the economic crisis, families with children, students at university away from home. Serves the need that all-that is, not only the specific categories of students such as triteknoi and who meet the financial requirements specified by law, will take immediate transfer to the central University and will not have to stay for one academic year at regional Universities which have been introduced. Specifically:

– Right transfers have enrollments whose family income does not exceed 45 000 euros on average in the last three years.

– Right to request having the first year and those located in the third semester and have passed all courses in first year.

While the process of transfer to the new system is advanced, have raised objections mainly concern the level of family income. “After the cuts made to public employees, the level of family income should be reduced,” said the ‘K’ concerned parent. “Many parents, who had an average income of the last three years 45 000 euros, this year have suffered cuts to their wages. So, we struggle to meet the costs of studying a child away from home, complete. Objections raised by the central universities are seeking a reduction of transfer. It is significant that this transfer the total number of freshmen at the University of Athens and Thessaloniki increased by 15%.

Finally, the new system, free transfers between the regional universities.

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