Medvedev Challenged: Shame on the United States Joe Biden

“Demure” for the US described the American president as the ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact Medvedev came to refer to Franklin Roosevelt and said Biden was not entitled to compare himself to the American politician. Biden began his speech on the Status of the Nation with a reference to Roosevelt’s speech to Congress in 1941, in which the late president had said that the union faces an unprecedented turning point in history. Also Biden accused Donald Trump’s Republican opponent of bowing to Russia, while just over two weeks after describing Putin as a “crazy bastard”, he said he has a message about Putin about Ukraine: “We will not give up”. “Although Roosevelt was a overwhelmed man, in a wheelchair, he pulled America out of the World Economic Depression. Biden, on the other hand, is a mad, mentally disabled, who is determined to drag humanity into hell,” tweeted Medvedev, former president of Russia and currently vice president of the Russian Security Council. “Rosvelt and his allies, including the USSR, fought for peace. Instead, Biden resolutely and persistently tries to start World War III. Roosevelt fought against fascists, but Biden fought for them. It is the shame of the US,” Medvedev wrote in English, who appeared as a liberal modernist when he was president in 2008-2012, but now appears as an anti-Western Kremlin hawk. Diplomats say his views are an indication of the skepticism prevailing at the upper levels of the Kremlin elite. The war in Ukraine has sparked a deep crisis in Russia’s relations with the West and Biden angered Russian officials by calling Putin a “crazy bastard”.

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