Medilibar before Olympiacos – Maccabi Tel Aviv: “On March 14 I want to get the qualifying gift for my birthday”

Everything that his coach, José Luis Medilibar, said in view of the first encounter of the “reds” with her, for the “16” of the Conference League. José Luis Medilibar stressed that Olympiacos will give it all for qualifying against Maccabi Tel Aviv, even saying that on March 14th he wants players – a gift for his birthday – the “ticket” for Conference League “8”. José Luis Medilibar spoke at the Olympiacos-Macabi press conference: About his birthday at the rematch and whether he’s expecting half his present tomorrow: “Good evening, I hope the gift comes at 14 when we have achieved the goal of qualification. We need two good results, it doesn’t have to end anything tomorrow. I hope the gift comes on 14”. For Maccabi and if it’s harder than Ferentswarus: “We are in the next phase, to get this far we also played a more qualifying than Maccabi. She did her job better. She has earned her place here and we must take that into account.” For the negative delivery with groups from Israel and if it is an additional incentive: “There are many who didn’t even know about tradition, before you said it. It is oxymoron that we say that the Israeli groups are not megatheria before we can rule them out. For some reason Maccabi is here and we hope this time we can qualify.” Having regard to Panathinaikos, for the projects of eleven, “It’s all decided, we expect the last training. I have decided who and how they will play.” For Maccabi’s coach, Robbie Keen and whether it’s an advantage that it’s his first year: “I don’t think it’s a disadvantage, he’s been doing very well so far doing very good work since he took over. He must feel very proud and must be very satisfied with the work he does.”