Measures for ‘sick’ waters of Boeotia … 14% increase in cancer deaths in the region, because hexavalent chromium in water ….

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    (Title) The immediate auction of all projects to upgrade the refinery inofyta and supply of all communities in the area with water from Mornos announced by the Ministry of Environment. Preceded by the disclosure that death rates from cancer have increased significantly in the region.
    According to a study by University of Athens, the mortality from cancer of the liver, kidneys, bladder and lung cancers are increased by 14% in Oinofyta with the rest of Boeotia. “The probability that random findings and not related to water use in cancer, especially liver and kidney, bladder, residents of the area is one in a thousand,” said the agency ANA – MPA scientific responsible for the design, Athena Linos. However, he stated that it will take further research to determine that responsibility for the deaths is water contaminated with chromium.

    Projects to supply the region with safe water will be financed by the Ministry of Environment and implemented in cooperation with the bills. Furthermore, the ministry announced it will develop in cooperation with the Ministry of Health to revise the regulation on drinking water in order to refer to distinct threshold for hexavalent chromium.
    October will be an international expert meeting on the issue.

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