Max Lux: The surprise concert on the pedestrian street of Ermou – Philip Pliatsikas and Babis Stokas with street musicians

A special concert was given at noon on Saturday. March 9th… on her pedestrian street! Those who had the chance to pass at that time from the most famous commercial road in Athens did not believe in their eyes. Members of the group of Pyx Lax had sat next to street musicians, creating a street party on the pedestrian street of Ermou. The well-known singer Philip Pitsikas along with Babis Stoka sat next to a street musician, took the microphone and started singing some of the band’s major hits. As expected in Ermou, a crowd was created with dozens of passersby stopping and enjoying the professed alternative concert of Pyx Lax. The videos distinguish Babis Stokas and Philip Pliatsikas singing one of their greatest hits, the song “Why”.