Mauritius: I realized at 33, the reason I was born, this sound will accompany me for life

“Technology has moved on and it seems inconceivable to me for five months to be able to see your child. It was something shocking” said . Mauritius spoke to Breakfast@star about the video he uploaded with his wife’s ultrasound, Ilaeiras Zisis. “I realized at that time, when I was 33, why I was born, so I felt. I think that sound will accompany me for life. When I heard the heart beat, I went crazy, when I saw the face… The technology has moved on and it seems inconceivable to see your child for five months. It was something shocking. You feel nothing in front of it,” said Mauritius at first. Mauritius then said: “And that’s why I sometimes get sad when people can’t understand that in one’s joy and enthusiasm there is no right and wrong way. There are no limits to how one can express what one feels at the time. Especially when you’ve learned that. We have not changed anything, as you have known us, from the proposal we shared, so we continue.” In closing, Mauritius said: “I don’t understand why after three years this thing continues to make an impression. This expression of what a man feels that you cannot know in the past how he felt. He may have felt very little, that he could never live this grand moment that God claimed to live. Don’t crucify and not try people, without knowing what might be behind all that we see.”