MasterChef 2024: The advantages of group testing hide traps

Comfortable was the victory of the gray brig in yesterday’s episode (Third 5/3) , with a final score of 6-3 in the test of Test Creativity. The members of the defeated burdot brigad voted for Christos Ganitis, as the third candidate to leave, for this week. Lefteris Zafeiropoulos was the one who made the most delicious and creative dish, described as “a dish that could be one of the courses in a meslenate restaurant” and won, of course, the grand prize of 1,000 euros! Team Test tonight, Wednesday, March 6, with the leader of the gray brigada, Nikos Kipsidis, having all the advantages in his hands. He will decide which menu the two brigs will be invited to cook for the three chef judges, Sotiris Kontizas, Panos Ioannidis and Leonidas Koutsopoulos, but also for their guest in today’s trial, chef Alain Parodi. However, as has often happened in MasterChef’s kitchen, the advantages in themselves do not necessarily mean comfortable cooking prevalence. In each Team Trial the right organization, the good execution of ideas and the excellent cooperation, are the key factors of success for extremely delicious dishes, which will ensure the long-awaited victory. Will Nikos Kipsidis manage to lead the gray brigada to a second consecutive victory or will Giannis Kourtoglou lead the burdotal brigada to her first victory? What will be the jury’s verdict at the end of the evening?