MasterChef 2024: Sweets will make them bitter – Details judge the result

In the previous episode (Friday 22/3) of Masterchef 2024 Christos Ganitis was the one who finally cooked for the last time in his kitchen and left the competition permanently. Tonight, Monday, March 25, a new… sweet week, on the subject of pastry, begins for the 15 contestants who continue their course in MasterChef 2024’s cooking marathon! The leader of the Bordeaux brig, Giannis Kourtoglou, once again has the cooking deck in his hands, since he will be the one to make all the pairs of duels. The new week begins with mystery test Box and this time they are waiting for a box for “dangerous”, hiding several surprises! Who will decide to challenge their fate and risk to the end and who will prefer safer cooking trails? The factor of luck will also play an important role this time, but flexibility and adaptability will be the key demands. The competition is becoming more and more difficult and at the moment the aspiring MasterChefs must insist more on their goal. The previous week brought out several conflicts and frictions among contestants. Will their psychology affect their cooking performance? The three chef judges, Panos Ioannidis, Sotiris Kontizas and Leonidas Koutsopoulos, ask the contestants for imaginative and delicious sweet dishes. Those with the least good efforts will find themselves in an unfavorable position and in the event of defeat of their brig will risk being voted on by their teammates. Will the Bordeaux or the gray brigad manage to avoid the bitter experience of the vote, from which the first candidate for departure will emerge, for this week?