MasterChef 2024: Player decisions bring about reactions and bring twists

In his previous episode, Christos Ganitis from Bordeaux brigada finally left the competition, since he was the one who presented the weakest effort in the Withdrawal Test by copying a plate. A new and very interesting week begins tonight, Monday, March 11, for Greece’s 17 future MasterChef on the subject of the sea! The members of the two brigads are invited to manage in the most delicious way a Mystery Box with seafood materials, which are the favorites of the guest chef and restaurant owner, Nikos Michael, in a test that requires all their knowledge and abilities. Before the trial begins, however, the three chef judges, Sotiris Kontizas, Panos Ioannidis and Leonidas Koutsopoulos, announce something important to the contestants. Anyone who wants to cause a duel to the leader of the rival brigad and claim leadership and whatever that entails! The decisions made by the members of the two brigads will be crucial for the continuation of the competition and will cause many reactions in the two cooking camps. What brig will eventually be forced to bring out, from the voting process, the first candidate for departure for this week?