Masterchef 2024 – John: I guess it’s hard, I’m a man, Stamatis is still a boy.

They’re starting to get tough on their contestants, as, as the weeks go by, the prize seems to be getting closer and closer, and the players start to take out their real self. MasterChef’s two new brigs 2024 fell into battle for the first group test. After the reclassifications both new cooking “camps” created, Grey and Bordeaux have before them a Fruit-based Creativity Test. Giannis, as leader of the burdot brigad, had the advantage of choosing the bribes for the cooking duels, which caused comments among the players about the favorable and spoken masquerades. “I believe he put us together with Tanya to divide us. He’s been on a trip that has approached all my friends. He’s too busy, but he won’t. Giannis has many repelled as a man, he has to go to a doctor to solve them,” Vivi said after her couple announced at the MasterChef duel tonight. “Last night he told children that there are no strong and weak cooks but experienced and inexperienced. I have nine years of experience, Vivi two. What can I say?” the young contestant added with meaning. “Christina is a very good cook. When he stops being bombed with toxicity, I think he’ll shine again. The Stamatist told me he wanted to play with me, I guess he was hard on me not giving him the lead. Okay, she’s 25 years old, full of testosterone. It’s a big difference for me boys from men. I am a man, Stamatis is still a boy”, commented the leader of the Bordeaux brigad just before starting the Creativity Test at MasterChef.