MasterChef 2024 – Giannis: Didn’t they learn manners? Christina’s a slapper.

He became the candidate, Giannis Kourtoglou, leader of the Bordeaux brigad at the present stage, while they had a meeting on the dishes they would prepare for the group test. The reason was a “hidden” comment by Christina to Mario, the moment that Giannis spoke with the players of his brigad. Specifically, when Chief Giannis said an idea of him to the group, Christina did not hear or understand correctly and asked in the “secret” Mario who was sitting next to her. Then, Giannis was upset because he considered it rude for the two of them to talk while they are all meeting together. “They didn’t learn manners? Christina is for slapping with what she does,” the leader of Bordeaux told MasterChef 2024 camera.