MasterChef 2024 – challenged him to loneliness: “He tripped himself, where are you going?”

A new week with many requirements and special cooking tests awaits the 17 aspiring. The theme of the day, the sea. Grey and burgundy brigs were sung with seafood materials found inside the Mystery Box, however before the test began, the three judges announced something that gave the contestants a chill. Whoever wishes it can challenge the leader of the rival brigad in cooking a duel and claim leadership, which guarantees him immunity until the “12”. But in the event that he is defeated, he automatically leaves for retirement. “Is there anyone who wants the position of chief?” asked Sotiris Kontizas with Angel raising his hand and challenging the leader of the gray brig, Nikos Kipsidis in a showdown. Nikos congratulated his opponent for his courage and stated that “the knives will speak.” Costas on the other hand found his decision reckless and explained: “He set a two-legged trip to himself. In case he loses he gets nominated and in case he comes to the gray “hello Costas is here he wants time to become leader. Where are you going?’ In order to achieve a numerical balance in the two magical camps, Giannis Kourtoglou, as the leader of the winning brigad in the last group trial, chose not to cook, which caused the reaction of him and Christos who accused him of not keeping the fair play.