Masterchef 2024: “Be careful from there, bites” – Raise your hand and ask to leave

Particularly demanding are the tests on , and as the days pass, players begin to see the final ten. Angel was determined to win the gray brig, and he wanted everything to be perfect. In the episode aired Tuesday, the leader of the gray brigad thought he would succeed, shouting at his team members. “Listen to me all. I want to win. Do you understand? Let’s go,” says Angel screaming, and then hits his hand on the counter. This behavior surprises his teammates as expected. “I’m not afraid. I would put a frying pan in his head, nor speak again,” said Giannis, a Bordeaux player. “Oh, man, okay!” said Kostas while Nikos said “Be careful from there, he bites. I was talking to people, he didn’t know what happened today. Where does he think he is addressed?”. The couples of the Creativity Test and their materials: Marios – Christos (smoking herring) Nikos – Life (Bacaliaros) Sophocles – Panagiotis (past sardine) Giannis – Elias (barbunia) Alexander – Ángel Giannis – Stamatis (gopa) Costas – Tanya (Christfish) A health problem that was not revealed did not allow Christina to take part in the test. The player raised her hand and politely asked to leave the studio, with Masterchef’s judges urged her to rest and wished her pass. Thus, along with Lefteris, Vivi, who was Christina’s cooking couple, ascended to the balcony.