Martha Carayannis: Her unknown personal tragedy – “She gave birth to a child who died”

On the camera of the show presented by Dora Duma. Her close friend referred to their relationship while making a shocking revelation. Speaking on Katerina New’s show about the memorable Martha Carayannis, Dora Duma originally said: “He spent 1.5 year without Martha. I’ve decided Martha doesn’t exist in the house, but she does. The whole house is Martha. I haven’t touched anything from her room, it’s like it’s Martha. I don’t want to get her out of her house. I want it to be like Martha’s here watching them. I haven’t hurt anything! What I miss most is her presence. We were 54 years of friends. I married, divorced and when my parents and Martha’s parents died, she told me to stay together,” she confessed. Then Dora Duma proceeded to a shocking revelation: “He had a child, who died. She gave birth to it and died. She never got pregnant again. She made attempts to get a child, at 40 she stopped, she had no more courage.” Regarding what was heard after Martha Carayannis died, Dora Dumas said: “People who had never come to our house and said what their minds wanted. I was accused of not letting Martha see her human. When Martha had two surgeries behind each other and was at the time of the coronavirus, the doctor told me she didn’t want anyone to come near! What would I do? Martha left a heart Good that I had her hand note, in which she said she wants to be cremated.” Through the show, the handwritten note for the cremation of the late actress was also shown for the first time.

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