Mars – Panetolic: In the presence of fans of both teams the semi-final in Thessaloniki

He issued an announcement, informing that in tonight (19:00) semi-final with him in “Kl.Vikelides” will also be hosted by fans of Agrinio’s team. Aris welcomes Panaetolic at Kleanthis Vikellidis for the semi-finals of the Greek Cup, in the rematch of 1-0 of the first match in favor of the Thessaloniki team. The Thessalonians informed that the Agrinic fans will be hosted at Gate 5 of the stadium and those of Aris’ friends who have already purchased tickets at this Door will be hosted at Doors 1 and 4. Analystically what is stated in the announcement of the Mars FC: “At today’s meeting on the measures of the second semi-final ARIS-Panatolic for the Cup at Kleanthis Vikelides (19:00) it was decided that the friends of Agrinio’s team should be accommodated at Port 5. As a result, ARIS fans have already purchased tickets for Door 5 will enter the stadium from Door 1 and will be hosted at Doors 1 and 4′′.

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