Mars – AEK 3-3: Moron threw her off the Super League top with a penalty in delays

and gave us a great game, with the Thessalonians cutting points from the Union and throwing it from the top of the scoreboard in the Super League, the finale of normal duration. Moron with a proper penalty execution at 90+7’ shaped the final 3–3. From the first minutes of the match, AEK had possession of the ball and approached Mars frames. Just at 6’, Cuesta had a major operation on a nearby header by Callens. Two minutes later, Amrabat caught the diagonal shot and Fabio drove off to a corner, with the ball passing near the right beam of the home camper’s hearth. The Thessalonians tried to make counterattacks with Fetfatzidis, but without approaching the rival frame, with Jonson playing a decisive role in it. Amrabat – on the other hand – took several attempts from the right. In one of them (14) was overthrown by Montoya, Sidiropoulos gave a penalty and Moroccan aimed for 0-1. Mars tried to get a reaction then, with Fetfatzidis raising “turns”. In 24’ he made great assists to Ansarifard, with the Iranian striker “dancing” Vida, but unable to sell properly, from a difficult angle. These two players, along with Saverio, put… hard on AEK defense. At the finale of the first part AEK reached a… breath from the goal, with Cuesta “putting out” in a corner the nearby shot of Ljubistis. Fetfatzidis was the one who said the last “word” in the first 45 minutes. At 42′ the experienced mid-attacker left on the Union’s back defense and scored, but the goal was cancelled as an offside! Two minutes later, however, he managed to achieve his first finish against the “yellow blacks”. Ansaridar found the gap in the guests’ defense, took the lead – a pass to Fetfatzidis, the Greek mid-aggressive passed Stankovic – who made… a scared exit – and rolled before an empty dorm for 1-1. The second half began in a shocking way and with Akis Manzio putting in the Rose and Moron match. Just at 49’ Mars reached the top of the score. Verstrate found Moron at the site, AEK’s defense was “open”, Rota late to go over him, the Spaniard found Saverio at the penalty point, with the latter attempting a shot in motion. Stankovic rebutted and the extrem from Ecuador took the rebound and sent the ball to the nets for 2-1. AEK’s reaction was immediate! In a phase of season in the Questa frames at 55’, Jonson made the shot, the ball stayed “” in the small area, with Vida catching a strong shot from a left position through the large area and beating Cuesta for 2–2. The first changes of Matias Almeida followed. Pisaro took the place of Amrambat, Chuber that of Mandalu and Pineda replaced Ljubisic. The game ‘turned’ to 67’. After Pineda’s wonderful individual effort, the ball reached Eliason. The second took the center off the right and Ponce – in his first final in the game and before there was a change – sent the ball with a header first to the beam and then to Cuesta’s nets for 2-3! In 75’ AEK missed a unique opportunity to “clean” the game. Chuber performed through the area, after a poor removal of Brabbets, but Cuesta stopped him at the te-a-tet. In 86’ Mars won a penalty for branding Pineda on Moron, but referee Sidiropoulos himself examined the phase and cancelled it. But the hosts managed to hit the delays (90+7’). Jonson removed with his head and the ball found in Vida’s raised hand. The referee gave a penalty and Moron shaped the final 3–3 from the dot.