Marries the Φουρέιρα! [photos]

The ultimate proof that the relationship of Helen Φουρέιρα and Σπυράγγελου Lykoudi will have a happy ending, he gave himself the father-in-law of the singer and in a public place!

As you will see in the video of “Happy Day”, the father of Σπυράγγελου Lykoudi, Dionysis Lykoudis, announced (implicitly but clearly) during the illumination of the christmas tree in the central square of Argostoli (where Helen Φουρέιρα tried to sing), that the singer and his son are getting married!

“Of course, tonight, thank you very much Helen, who traveled all night to come near us after work. Came with the breakfast ship, is ξενύχτισσα and ready to give us the most beautiful Christmas, the most beautiful event for the lighting of the tree. Helen, thank you, and don’t forget that we do it quickly Κεφαλονίτισσα!” said Dionysis Lykoudis, who apart from shipowner’s and deputy Mayor of Argostoli, with the crowd from down to whistle approvingly and Helen Φουρέιρα to laugh embarrassed.