Marios Psimopoulos for Zari: If there’s anything wrong, the experts will see.

“The ‘Ta ta’ is a musical find of my own,” said Zari. On the camera of the show “I Love Sou Kou” and Alexander Ruta, Marios Psimopoulos spoke. The well-known composer and songwriter responded about the match with “Strong” and “Zari” due to “Tata”. “It is very nice and modern Marina Satti’s song and I think it will go well. I haven’t seen the whole video, but it has a special aesthetic. She looks fine to me. Evi Droutsa expressed her opinion, together we have written the song (Strong). “Ta ta” is a musical find of mine and we find it in this song the same syllable. “Strong” is a recent success, with a huge march in Greece and abroad and it is inevitable to identify. If there is anything wrong, the experts will see it,” said Marios Psimopoulos.