Mario: She is a troubled girl, said of me Saint Paisius

What the unknown relation to Saint Paisius said! In the distant and unknown, admittedly, kinship with Saint Paisius was mentioned, among other things, Mario when she was found a guest of Nancy Zabetoglou and Thanasis Anagnostopoulos at Studio 4 on Thursday afternoon at ERT. “Last I have learned that I was related to Saint Paisius, it has been ten years since I learned it. I didn’t know. I learned it from my cousins while my mother never told me. My mom was so bitter that she lost her mom in the boat that she was coming in ’23 with Paisi’s mom and she was thrown into the sea by her mom. It was a big blow, since my mom was the biggest kid in the family” explained, initially, the well-known singer. “We never happened to talk about Paisio and I was found by my cousins when I made an appearance in Ioannina. At one point the receptionist of the place I sang told me: “Mrs. Mario, there are two girls who say they are your cousins”. I told him that I didn’t know anyone there.” “But then they came slower and I saw her and they told me that we were second cousins because “your mom and Grandpa Paisius are first cousins”. That’s where I found out, and I didn’t get to know him, but they told me Grandpa Paisius knew me. “Don’t tease her, she’s a troubled girl! Leave her where she is, she goes up a Golgotha this girl” Paisios said, “Mario pointed out in her new television interview.