Marinakis for astacockarava: Mr. Kasselakis is not an influencer – he takes them out of his head

About his business activities and the harsh announcement with which he launched yesterday an attack on the Prime Minister SYRIZA was asked by the government representative, “Let us be clear that this issue was not raised by the government. It started with grave complaints from former financial director of SYRIZA. Mr. Kasselakis has answered every irrelevant question and has given no answer to the questions asked by justice. He is not an influencer of the internet but a leader of the main opposition. In the country there are laws and this law was even enacted in 2016 by the government of SYRIZA if he does not like Mr. Kasselakis there is nothing we can do about it.” He continued: “He is not answering. Answer if the money he made in America is legal. We didn’t ask that. We don’t make judges and prosecutors like his party did. If he doesn’t want to answer let him not answer but throw mud on the fan.” Paul Marinakis also accused Stefanos Kasselakis of unsistakable complaints against the prime minister: “He also says things unruly about offshore. He pulls them out of his head. The law is specific and must answer if he broke it. Answer if he was a shareholder in how many companies and for how long he is today. If he gave money to his party to pay his employees and if they were paid by another company he is not.”