Marina Contotol: SYRIZA MP finished at the Kalabaka Half Marathon – Trikala and then went to vote

In Kalabaka – Trikala “Athanasios Stamopoulos”, Marina Kontolis ran. His MP Trikalon just cut the thread left to vote in the internal party election for her party’s new County Committee. On the short route of 5.5 km of the Hemimarathon Kalabaka – Trikala participated the MP Trikala of Syriza, Marina Kontoll. As notes, the well-known politician finished with characteristic comfort, as for those who do not remember she was a founding member of the Trikala Runners Association 20 years ago. Immediately after passing through the finish line, Ms. Kontotoli headed to the offices of Syriza. There, she cast her vote for the internal party election for the new Prefectural Committee of the main opposition party.