Maria Polyzu: I felt exhausted from cancer but continued training

‘ I never gave up anything, whatever it was” confessed . Maria Polyzou spoke from the heart when she was invited to Studio 4 on Friday afternoon, Nancy Zabetoglou and Thanasis. Reader at ERT. “In this picture from the hospital I am after chemotherapy, just before Christmas. You had to manage this whole festive atmosphere and you had to stay. Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you go in and out and deal with exhaustion. Great exhaustion, but I kept training and running. I had the natural strengths and made up to 20 kilometers the day after chemotherapy. I never gave up anything, whatever it was,” explained, initially, the famous champion. “With my family was love too, although I didn’t want to spoil this child’s freedom. Do I remember one time he said, “Mom, can I go out tonight? Am I not a good daughter when I get out where you just came from the hospital? “ Horrible? “No, my child, of course you will! Since I am fine” I answered her”. “You need whatever comes into your life, to find a way to get over it and not give up on a difficulty because you will not get anywhere. Stay firm on your target. It’s very important to always know where you’re going, where you’re going and what you want to conquer. If there is a problem or someone questions you, let him go. We don’t all have the same horizons. You have to have a very good focus on your goal, work a lot and leave nothing to chance,” Maria Polyzu said in the ERT mangasino.

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