Maria Kardami: What is the interior designer that is renovating the house of Stefanos Kasselakis

The refined aesthetics is what is needed for the acclaimed interior designer, Maria Kardami who is already in open communication with him about the renovation of his home in . Publications, want young interior designer Maria Kardami to prepare the renovation of the apartment acquired by Stefanos Kasselakis with his partner, Tyler McBeth in Kolonaki on Leventi Street 5. Maria Kardami, one of the most talented interior designers, has an impressive aesthetic if someone goes… to her personal pages on social networks. Who is Maria Kardami Born in Thessaloniki and passion, dedication to art, fashion, architecture and creative expression were the starting point of her professional course. After obtaining valuable knowledge and experience from London, he decided to listen to the needs of the venues and transform them into truly unique masterpieces. Maria Kardami works in her own office in Athens, specifically Kolonaki and continues to be a source of inspiration for all those seeking the magic of aesthetics. See this post on Instagram. In an interview with Madame Figaro Cyprus she said: “My involvement with interior design began from a very early age. Before I even finished school, I wanted to be an architect. I grew up in a family of civil engineers who had a keen interest in space and design. My grandfather, who was an architect, inspired me with his aesthetics and design. This experience led me to study architecture and interior design, and since then I have dedicated my life to creating tasteful functional and beautiful spaces that inspire and serve people.” See this post on Instagram. In the same interview she had revealed about the two important stations of her career: “The Villa Sebastian in Mykonos, a very large project that required implementation in a very short time. Despite the challenges, the result was amazing. Villa Pyramid Hills in Cairo, one of my first experiences abroad. The project was developed in a magical landscape opposite the pyramids of Giza. It is still under way and I look forward to its completion.” See this post on Instagram. “It is very important that people trust you to design their home, their company, their space. So the greatest satisfaction I get from my work is when I see a Project I imagined and designed implemented and the people who trusted me satisfied and happy!” Maria Kardami noted. Her unique style and love for fashion The interior designer Maria Kardami stands out for her sophisticated style based on elegant items with bold details while she has a special weakness for luxury jewelry. As shown by her posts in social media, she loves minimal chic ensembles in black & white shades and It-shoes bearing the signature of the larger houses. See this post on Instagram. It combines in a unique way masculine pieces, with a man and wife character, with high heels, which in themselves hide a femininity behind them and thus take off its ensembles, of which Love Cartier bracelets are almost never missing. Special mention is also worth collecting with luxurious Rolex watches. In her wardrobe hides a series of tweeted Chanel jackets, which she chooses to usually combine with dark denim, giving a more refined note to her every day look! He loves dresses with special details such as ruffles or cut outs, which he usually wears withclassy pubs. It does not say no to blazer dresses and takes them off with a series of elegant accessories such as Van Cleef & Arpels bracelets and peep toes! For more casual occasions, she chooses daily trends like comfortable cargo pants and tank tops while on vacation she often bets on boys with color always in combination with high fashion jewelry! In recent years, Maria Kardami has not appeared on television at all, desiring to project her work only through her personal networks. However, if anyone goes back to youtube, she will find her appearances on TV 100 in Thessaloniki. At the time, young Maria gave decoration ideas to the show entitled “Take a place”. In this passage, he was talking about interior and outdoor lamps at low prices.

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