Maria Farantouris thrills about polyomyelitis: I was in Children for a year.

‘ Do you know what two years old is to separate your parents?”. She is shocked by the great performer speaking about the battle she fought with polio when she was only 2 years old. Maria Farantouri reports, in an all-matter interview she gave Marie Claire magazine that at the time she fell ill she was “not even insinuating! Nothing! Never! They used to have that there might be children who don’t see, not to hear well or who, like me, have a little imbalance in walking.” “I the quarantine – which we are now talking about Covid – when I experienced it, I was a very young child, 2.5 years old, I had no conscience. The germ occurred with flu, a lot of fever etc. When the flu passed, I went to walk and couldn’t. We took it myself and two or three other kids in the neighborhood who didn’t get the vaccine against polio. It was ‘50-51′, he describes. “I remember they wouldn’t let my parents into the hospital. They saw me through a window and shouted, ‘ Mary, Mary! ‘ After I came home, I wouldn’t talk. Do you know what it means to separate your parents for two years? Slowly with their love and embrace I began to speak. I had a very sensitive dad. Cephalonite. And when he came from work to our house in Nea Ionia, he took me to his feet, drank his wine and sang to me”, confesses Maria Farandouri. Are you carrying this early parting to this day? “I’ve worked on it, I’ve analyzed it with an expert. And of course you’re always accompanied by an insecurity. I couldn’t for example the darkness. I was panicking. But slowly I got over it and thanks to this beautiful companionship with Telemachus (Builder), I felt a security. Even in difficult times. Because, you know, polio never leaves you. ”

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