Maria Eleni Lycurezou: I could have gotten into drugs before after my mother died.

Test described her (who has now changed her name to Athra) the death of her mother, Zoe Lascaris. He said he could have started drugs and alcohol again. Maria Eleni Lycurezou was found today (01.04.2024) a guest of Faye Skorda and spoke about her parents, her transformation, which her mother would like to have seen but also the possibility of a second marriage, after that one of her 19 months with Apostolos Glecho. “In the last seven years, since my mother left, the title I would put is “transformation”. Transformation at all levels. I’d like to be here to have seen this transformation. I’d love to. Although I feel she’s everywhere, I often make the move to call her to tell her what I’ve done. Mother’s a mother. At any age, she’s a mother. You miss him. You can’t miss him. On the other hand, our losses are getting stronger. We can’t move on to life unless we do. I’ve changed a lot of things in recent years and I’ve taken a lot of power from the pain of loss, too much power. Too much pain and too much power. The hardest part you go through is pain and you go through it yourself. In pain, in your darks, there’s actually no one next to you and without any substance, without alcohol, without food, being alone in a room and being pressured, in pain, not going to the easy solution. This has now become my experience, so I now overcome the situations,” confessed, initially, Maria Eleni Lycurezou “The period of my mom’s loss was very dark. I was 15 when I started the drugs and I stopped at 25, it’s been 21 years since then. I was reborn then. They always say you’re reborn when you stop the drugs and start at the age you started them again. In these 21 years things have happened, my mother’s loss was one of them and I could have gone back to drugs or alcohol to get over it. That was a test for me. I spent it alone with water, without falling into the food, pills. I didn’t get anything at the funeral either. I didn’t need it, but it hurts more. But when you get over it, you feel stronger. I’m a different person. We all grow up, if we don’t change it’s death, evolution and change are vital,” he continued. Maria Eleni (or Athra) Lycurezou described that she first entered a theater last year, after seven years after her mother died. “I didn’t want to come in, I couldn’t, he was choking me. I grew up in the dressing rooms and theaters. I went back in last year for a while and I liked it. I’m working on something, but I’m focused on life coaching. I didn’t go anywhere to get better when I quit the drugs. It’s not just drugs, it’s company, alcohol. I’ve had another day’s work in the last few years… But still, this is something that can change… I’ve been a vegetarian for 14 years, and for the last four years I’ve been eating meat again, I’ve had problems, I’ve had to eat meat. He saved me.” Referring to her father, Alexander Lycurezos, she said: “My dad was a busy man. She practically couldn’t be near me emotionally. Mother’s different, she understands. When I stopped using drugs, when I was 25, before I went to therapy I talked to him and told him what I’ve done, because, because there’s too much gossip, I wanted him to know what he’d answer for his daughter. I told him everything and he was staring at me. He didn’t know anything. He didn’t say much, but I can say there was understanding. He used to be intense, now he’s not. I was very close to my mother, there was this bond because we spent time together, we used to hang out a lot. Because I grew up in a house where things were always heard, I’m a little insensitive to gossip. It’s not my opinion. I don’t live for people’s opinions. When I was little, because I didn’t like bad things being said about my parents, I was sad. Afterwards, because I found my powers and know exactly who my parents are, I am not concerned about the opinion of others.” And as for her personal life, she said: “This one will be found. I still haven’t found him. I had a big relationship. I broke up. I’ve been through a lot. I don’t want to have a relationship just to have a relationship. I’m having fun the way I am. I was gonna get married again. I was 19 when I got married. I am now 46”.

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