Maria Bakodimou: I was diagnosed with a pretty dangerous autoimmune that changed my life.

In revelations about which she was afflicted and for a fairly dangerous autoimmune, she proceeded through her podcast. A small quote was shown today (10.03.2024) on the show “Hello”, where Maria Bakodimou talks about panic attacks and about a “severely dangerous autoimmune that changed my life”. “I don’t give a shit and I find it unfair. I’m going to confess to you my own pieces of a difficult route to a very bad period of my life, which is useful to know about our connection here. Some years back in my life, many important changes were made. I’ve often felt that if I don’t scream, I’m going crazy. At that time, I also met panic attacks,” Maria Bakodimu said. Maria Bakodimou also said to me: “Very quickly and completely randomly I was diagnosed with an autoimmune, quite dangerous. He put me on another route and made me better. At the beginning of the autoimmune diagnosis, I was very angry at myself. And I did what I knew to do well and always. To try him. Because I was so afraid to set boundaries on the people I loved.”