Maria Bakodimou: I had some skin readings, I checked-up and the doctor left me with sywood

‘ You wake up one day and you get a diagnosis, I hope it’s something you catch up with, but it can be fatal,” stressed Maria Bakodimu was invited to Eleni Menegaki and talked about the autoimmune disease she discovered she had and how shocked she was when she was diagnosed. “With my children I have been pissed off many times and even unfairly. I was very tired, I couldn’t set boundaries and I was getting angry, fighting, trouble,” Maria Bakodimu originally said. “Through the daily shows I made I passed my divorce and childbirth, the loss of my dad. There I left for a week and then I came back because I didn’t want to focus on mourning. It was ransoming to come back, I needed to communicate”, then confesses the presenter. “I felt closed for a long period, I was ashamed to say I was going to greet someone. A lot of people thought I was a snob, but it was a personal shame. It’s nice to be open, because then the others come before you,” Maria Bakodimos admits in another place. “You wake up one day and you get a diagnosis, I hope it’s something you catch up on, but it can be fate. It works psychosomaticly, they raise us with the belief that we have to do everything to love us and leave ourselves behind. This starts to “load” and at the end it comes out very expensive. When I started working with myself, relationships with my children became very nice. When I went through that time of crisis, I said I had to do some psychoanalysis. Very close to time came the diagnosis for autoimmune”, describes Maria Bakodimos in Eleni Menegakis. “I did completely random check-up for everything else. I had some skin readings, I go to the dermatologist, he tells me that and he leaves me with a hardwood. I go home frozen, I tell the kids and my mom, and there was a protective shield in me that something has to be done here. Even if they call it “autoimmune”, it means that I did it,” confesses right after Maria Bakodimu.