Maria Antona for Mars Soyede: I missed him, I feel he’s become proud of me.

In the arms of Greece and is now the after leaving Survivor. Maria Antona described the experiences she lived in the Caribbean, commented on statements from other players while also talking about her partner Mars Soiledi. “I missed him, I feel he became proud of me. I have already suggested to a future All Star that we go together,” noted the presenter in her statements today (10.03.2024) on the show “Hello”. She even said how much she misses the cabin: “I am very happy, at first I had rapid heart beat when I returned, I miss the hut. I had decided that Survivor has finished for me as an experience, I did not give 100% of myself to the test,” he noted. Asked about this he said “I was surprised that Savas said that Silver is jealous of Dalaka, that is not true. It’s funny they say that to the blue team. I completely changed my picture of Silver when I met her, to the point where I felt bad about what I thought about her in the past. I reported that I saw a great support from Fanny for Chrysa, I did not leave any erotic hints,” he said.

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